What services does Anisa Travels and Tours Limited offer?

👉Anisa offers ticketing service, hotel reservation, visa assistance and cooperate travels.

How can I book a tour or travel package with your agency?

👉You can make your booking by calling us or sending a mail to anisatravelsandtour@gmail.com

Can I arrange my own travel package based on my taste and budget?

👉You can only get your travel package based on the availability

Do you offer tourism to African countries and how does Anisa Travels and Tours encourage it?

👉We have beautiful tour packages across the African countries.

How does the visa assistance service work?

👉Yes! we can get you all the assistance you need.

Can I book flights tickets or apply for visa/passport through Anisa Travels and Tours Limited?

👉Our visa service is specifically to African countries..

What safety steps have you put in place during guided tours following current global situation?

👉Our tour guards are always on ground for security reasons..

How do i get latest travel information and offers from Anisa Travels and Tours Limited?

👉You can contact us through our phone numbers and email address.

If I need to cancel or modify my travel plans. What will I do?

👉Cancels and modification of ticket is done by Anisa travels without no stress.